Early Balding Signs

Hair loss can pretty much begin at any age. This is true for both men and women. Some people may notice signs of hair loss beginning in their late teens or early twenties while others will only suffer from slight hair loss well into their 60s. However, a general rule is that as one gets older, he or she is more likely to experience some type of hair loss. Continue reading to find out some common signs of balding and the differences between natural balding and other causes of hair loss.

Early Signs of Balding in Women

Natural balding takes on a characteristic pattern called androgenetic alopecia. This is where genes are passed down from generation to generation to either increase or decrease someone’s chances of balding. 

For women, balding can start as early as the age of 12, after 40, or anywhere between those ages. The common characteristics of balding for women are:

  • Thinning on top
  • A widening part on top
  • Thinning across the head

Early Signs of Balding in Men

Male pattern baldness is also generally accepted as genetic. It can start as young as 20. However, it is most common between the ages of 25 and 35. These are the signs of balding in men:

  • Hair that’s thinning around the temples and at the back (crown) of the head
  • Thinning hair that begins around the front of the head and on the sides, moving toward the back as it progresses, resulting in an M shape as the two sides recede faster than the middle
  • Gradual thinning of the hair on top

When Should I See a Doctor?

Balding is as natural as growing old. It comes with age. However, if you experience sudden hair loss after a major physical or emotional life event, it’s generally recommended that you see your doctor for advice on treating what might end up being underlying causes. Some symptoms which should signal a visit to your doctor are:

  • Swelling around the balding or thinning areas
  • Severe itchiness, dry skin, or scaling
  • Stinging, burning, or pus discharge
  • Sudden hair loss or excessive hair growth on other parts of the body
  • Sudden, unexplained changes in weight
  • Complications from a recent surgery or a change in medication

Other Options

If your hair loss isn’t sudden and you aren’t experiencing one of the symptoms listed above, it’s most likely that your hair loss is genetic and quite natural. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. On the contrary, there are still many options to deal with your hair loss or combat it altogether. There are many medications that can help. Another option is hair transplant surgery. However, the newest and most effective solution to hair loss is scalp micropigmentation, which is essentially a scalp tattoo. The professionals at SMP Ink have over ten years of experience in this minimally invasive hair loss solution. Contact us at SMP Ink for a free consultation today.


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