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Why Does My Hair Fall Out While Brushing?

People typically lose about one hundred hairs per day, on average, and it is perfectly normal through the natural shedding process. However, once you exceed one hundred hairs per day, it’s considered excessive hair loss. Sometimes hair gets stuck on clothes and furniture. However, most of the time, hair gets tangled up within other hair, which will result in a small mass of loose hair each time you brush. There are many factors to consider that may increase hair loss and breakage. These factors include breakage and damage caused by chemicals and abuse, some medical illnesses, and genetic or natural hair loss caused by aging. 

Breakage and Damage

When hair is healthy, it’s supposed to be elastic. However, damaged hair can be snapped or pulled out by merely running a brush through it. 

When there isn’t an underlying medical condition, chemical services are usually responsible for most hair loss. Chemical services including color, perms, and relaxers alter the hair’s appearance and structure by breaking down and restoring its natural chemical bonds. The result is always damage to the hair. When hair is weakened by chemical damage, it snaps under a slight amount of pressure. Typically, this type of hair loss is more noticeable right after a chemical treatment, but it can make you lose hair for months after the treatment. 

Medical Illness

Excess breakage and hair loss can also be attributed to some medical conditions, such as malnutrition, thyroid conditions, diabetes, lupus, hormonal changes, and scalp infections. Certain medical treatments and some medications can also cause hair loss and breakage.

In this instance, it is advised that you speak to your doctor about what underlying medical condition may be causing your hair loss.


The natural aging process causes everyone to lose hair eventually. Some people lose more hair than others in a process called pattern baldness. While this type of hair loss is more common in men, both men and women can be affected by pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is also a lot more noticeable than female pattern baldness. Males typically develop a receding hairline and a thinning crown, while women usually only experience some thinning of their hair.

There’s a Solution

While there are many solutions to hair loss, only one is minimally invasive and garnishes incredible results. Scalp Micropigmentation is the newest hair loss solution with natural results. Our team of professionals at SMP Ink has over a decade of experience. Contact us for a free consultation.

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