Balding and Dating

Balding can be detrimental to confidence, especially for men. While some men can own it with ease, it isn’t always the easiest thing for everyone to accept. More often than not, men can feel too insecure about hair thinning. Most guys feel that their baldness will affect their attractiveness when meeting new people. Everyone deals with change differently. Continue reading to find out the most common way men deal with thinning hair and balding, especially when it comes to dating.

Work With It

Just because your hair is thinning doesn’t mean you need to go with a completely shaved head. That’s not your only option. You can simply shave down your hair to a grade that works with your level of thinning.

Style It

You can also choose certain hairstyles to work with your level of balding. For example, a trendy hairstyle for men with thinning hair is the combover. You can couple this style with things such as hard parts or other variations.

Do Nothing

You don’t even have to change your hairstyle just because your hair is thinning. Just own it. Rock your baldness. Just remember that you more than likely will stand out. However, use this to your advantage. You must remain confident, no matter what. You need to display your confidence proudly. Women tend to be attracted to confidence. When you’re naturally confident, you tend to attract more people. Confidence is an alpha trait. Women are naturally attracted to alpha males, regardless of the negative stigma around masculinity.

Some men have even stated that their dating life has been enhanced drastically since their hair started to get noticeably thinner. Just remember to accept your baldness and own it. Own it with style and confidence.

Shave It

Of course, the most common response to balding is shaving off all your hair. This is the most common response for a simple reason: it works. Many men finally learn to accept their hair loss and chop off their hair completely. It might take some getting used to, but many balding men find that their dating lives improve drastically when they finally shave their heads. This is also an instance where self-confidence is necessary. You need to own your baldness, embrace it.

You can also grow out your facial hair when you shave off all your hair. Some men feel that a full beard goes well with a bald head; many women agree with that notion. Some men on several Reddit posts openly state that their dating lives have improved dramatically since they shaved their heads and wish they would’ve done so years ago.

If you need a boost of confidence as a bald or balding male, check out the Subreddit for bald men. You can get some great ideas on how to own your baldness here as well.

Other Solutions

Of course, there are other solutions when you notice your hair thinning. Various products can help thicken your hair and even advertise that they can grow your hair back. Since these products come with a lot of variables, different users’ experiences may vary.

Another solution increasing in popularity is getting a hair transplant. There are two common types of hair transplants. One is known as FUE or follicular unit extraction. The other method is known as FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant. FUE is better for smaller areas and generally doesn’t leave a scar. FUT is usually reserved for those who have lost a substantial amount of hair and typically leaves a small, linear scar.

Scalp Micropigmentation

In addition to these solutions, there’s yet another method that’s been gaining a lot of attention. This method is called scalp micropigmentation or SMP. Scalp micropigmentation, in lamens terms, is just a scalp tattoo. It’s minimally invasive and simply involves getting a tattoo on your head to cover up your thinning or balding areas.

SMP is a great way to own your baldness without actually going completely bald. A scalp tattoo allows you to either use your existing hair and make it seem like you have thicker hair than you actually do by darkening your scalp or shave your head entirely and go with a thicker buzzcut look. Either way, you have options. SMP Ink is here to provide you with a minimally invasive solution to your balding scalp. Our professionals take pride in their work. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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