Five Haircuts for Balding Men

Losing your hair is completely natural, so there’s no shame in it. However, the way we experience hair loss can differ. Some men will lose nearly all their hair in their 20s. Others seemingly keep most of their hair past the age of 70. Regardless of when you experience hair loss, just know that you aren’t at a loss for hairstyles. Some hairstyles try to cover up your hair loss. However, these five styles will help you own it. Continue reading to find out the five best hairstyles to help you own your hair loss.

The Pompadour Fade: For Severe Recession at the Sides of the Crown

This haircut is for men who still have a majority of their hair but are experiencing extreme hair loss near the temples, creating a “widow’s peak” effect. You should ask for a high fade beginning with a one on the sides and back for this style. Try different lengths at the top to see what works best for you. Aim to leave one to two inches on the top for the best look. Adding some choppiness at the top and some height at the front give you increased texture and volume. Aim to wear your hair forward. 

To style this cut, use a pomade or clay styler. The pomade can be applied to towel-dried hair. Use a blow dryer and round brush to add volume. You can apply the clay styler to dry hair and coach back your hair with your fingers.

The Comb-Over: For Severe Hair Loss on the Crown

This haircut is ideal for men whose hair loss is mainly at the top of their heads. Ask your barber to leave at least 1.5 inches of hair at the top. This should be enough to form a part. The sides and back should be tapered. This will help blend into the top.

When it comes to styling this haircut, you should use something lightweight, such as a cream or paste. Try not to weigh the hair down. Apply the cream or paste to dry hair. You can either use a comb to comb it to the side or use your fingers for a more relaxed look.

The Textured High and Tight: For Uniform Thinning

This haircut is for those whose hair is thinning everywhere rather than receding. For this cut, ask for a medium-length side part with tapered sideburns. Consider it a messy high and tight. For this cut, follow the same part instructions as the comb-over. Just be sure to leave the hair up top twice as long.

To style this haircut, rub a minimal amount of cream or paste in your hands. Comb your hair back and part it to the side slightly. Then comb the hair up top to the side and use your fingers to fluff up the hair up top for added texture.

The Short Buzz with Tight Fade: For Thick-Textured But Still Thinning

This style is ideal for men with thick hair who are experiencing some thinning of hair density. For this style, it is best to aim for a barely-there, close cut. Simply ask your barber for a skin fade. Your barber will then need to utilize a razor for the back and sides, then fade to a zero or one up top.

This haircut requires minimal maintenance. A simple rinse and towel dry should do the trick. No products are necessary for this style. 

The Full Shave: For a Dying Field of Hair Follicles

This hairstyle is optimal regardless of how much hair you’ve lost. Growing out your beard or mustache can also offer a new look. For this cut, just ask your barber for a straight razor shave. 

This haircut doesn’t require any maintenance. You can even do it yourself at home. Just be sure to avoid cuts and irritation.

Another Option: Scalp Micropigmentation

While these haircuts and styles are great, there’s also another option. You can opt for scalp micropigmentation or SMP. This is essentially a scalp tattoo that gives the illusion of thicker hair. For this option, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Contact us at SMP Ink for a free consultation.


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