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In the United States alone, one in three women will experience hair loss in their lifetime. 5% of women under the age of 30 will suffer from hair loss and two-thirds of all women will experience thinning hair or bald spots after menopause. But it doesn’t have to kick you in the confidence. There are many kinds of hair loss treatment for women that are not invasive and do not include surgery or medications.

The Cause of Hair Loss for Women

Although there is a range of reasons women lose their hair including medical conditions, high blood pressure, stress, and medication, the number one reason is androgenetic alopecia. Also found among men, the activities of the androgen hormone directly affect androgenetic alopecia’s effect on the body. Although the hormone is essential to the normal sexual development of men, it also helps both males and females with their sex drive and hair growth. Depending on how this hormone acts in your body and determine what needs to be done to stop hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Hair loss treatments can be tricky. Surgery can cut time away from your life. It also won’t stimulate hair growth or prevent hair loss. Surgery won’t stop the cause of your hair loss, just cover up the issue.

Medication and oral contraceptives for hair loss are currently very minimal. The American Hair Loss Association cites that there is only one FDA clinical study approved prescription medication for female pattern hair loss; 2% solution Minoxidil.

But there’s a much more simple approach to reclaiming your full head of hair to give it that natural look — scalp micropigmentation for women! Scalp micropigmentation women all around the United States are seeing great results without having to deal with medications and surgeries. With the right SMP specialist, the thinning hair a woman starts to see after menopause can almost cease to exist.

Never Suffer Female Hair Loss with SMP INK

At SMP INK our main goal is to help women suffering from the confidence killer known as hair loss and hair thinning. Scalp pigmentation for women costs will greatly differ from the price of expensive surgeries and medications. Better hair density will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. If you want to stand tall and show hair loss who’s boss, give our staff a call today!

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