Scalp Micropigmentation Correction

Scalp Micropigmentation is a careful art and science that requires years of expertise to master. This means you may have had a bad experience with another SMP provider who doesn’t have the knowledge and training needed to provide the best results. Here at SMP Ink, we offer corrections to clients who feel unsatisfied with a previous hair loss solution.

Did a Competitor Leave You With Scalp Micropigmentation Regrets?

You Can Trust us with your Appearance!

Our team has over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful SMP procedures under our belt. We have been in the game since the beginning, and we take extra care to continually master the craft.

The SMP ink industry is currently being flooded with new artists who lack the knowledge and experience to offer the ideal hair loss solution. 

How SMP Can Help

Our facilities at SMP Ink are specially equipped to help with any clients who have had a bad SMP experience. We have equipment that allows us to even out a thinning or balding head of hair by adding 3D layers of scalp micropigmentation. 

Bad scalp micropigmentation results can be embarrassing, but you don’t have to worry anymore! We at SMP Ink have an eraser that can undo your scalp micropigmentation regrets and re-do it the right way. You should never have to sacrifice your confidence because of someone else’s mistakes. 

The Benefits of Switching to SMP Ink

Here are just a few benefits of switching to SMP Ink to do your scalp micropigmentation correction:

  • Work with an expert team that boasts over 10 years of experience
  • Hundreds of successful procedures prove our track record
  • High-end cutting edge technology to ensure the best product
  • Understanding professionals dedicated to helping you recover your confidence

Scalp micropigmentation allows you to customize your hairline to your tastes, to reflect the personality you have on the inside. It should allow you to feel like your confident, authentic self. When a competitor leaves you with bad results, it can feel even worse than before. Let us restore your hairline and your confidence so you can feel and look your best. 

See our Results

You don’t have to take just our word for it. We have a gallery dedicated to showcasing our successful procedures and testimonials from our clients. We are dedicated to helping our clients feel their most confident with our scalp micropigmentation corrections. 

Check out our gallery here.

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