Scalp Micropigmentation Hairline Restoration

Are you tired of watching your hairline recede? Want to look younger with a fresh hairline?

Restore your receded hairline with scalp micropigmentation and regain the younger look you have always wanted. Our trained professional & artistic staff you can restore your hairline. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as SMP, is the #1 non-surgical hair loss solution. SMP gives you the ability to fully customize the hairline style that fits your look and age! Some of your options include crisp, clean-cut, youthful, natural, slightly receded, and mature. You will work with your treatment specialist to find the perfect hairline for your face, head shape, and age.

Our experts will meet with you and customize your hairline to your exact needs. After we draw your new hairline on and get your final approval, we will then make it permanent. Our advanced SMP technique ensures an appearance so natural people can examine your hair and will never see the difference between our work and your natural hair.

Benefits of SMP

The procedure is extremely safe, requires no incisions, and very little maintenance. Since there is no real hair, the only suggested maintenance is protection from the sun as well as washing of the scalp. The healing process is quick, and unlike getting a tattoo scalp pigmentation is a much shorter and pain-free process. After your first appointment, there are only a few more appointments needed to finish up the job. Touch-up appointments are typically required a few years after your procedure to keep the look. 

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