Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

So you’re interested in grabbing your confidence by the horns and give yourself a nice head of hair again? But how much does scalp micropigmentation cost? Scalp Micropigmentation cost varies from client to client, however one thing does remain the same; our commitment. SMP INK is committed to giving you a long-lasting natural look for a great price!

What does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

First of all, if you call us today, you can receive a free personalized consultation. We’ll look at your scalp and discuss an affordable solution for your thinning hair. At your consultation, you can also view our pricing chart. This chart can help us decide how much work and hair it will take to give you a long term, natural hair look.

The cost of SMP will vary depending on the type and amount of work you need done. Hair density, the amount of scar camouflage needed, or the distance of your receding hairline are all factors that vary the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatment. For example, if we’re touching up someone else’s previous work, it may not be as much as fixing bald patches caused by alopecia. Contact us for a consultation to get a quote that’s specific for your needs.

We’re More Cost Effective!

We will work with whatever situation our client is facing that needs hair restoration. And we do our micropigmentation procedures with quality for a better price than our competitors.

Attention to detail

While other scalp micropigmentation hair loss solutions are quick and easy, on average they are only replacing about 2,500 hair follicles and your head has up to 100,000. Our staff at SMP INK will fill in way more hair follicles for the same price.

We also guarantee results that last longer so you won’t have to get touch-ups because your hair your scalp micropigmentation hair follicles are fading. SMP INK pays attention to the details, the equipment, and the ink to save you money in the long term!

Less intensive treatment

Hair transplants can take time and money away while you recover, not to mention if done incorrectly can lead to more hair loss. Free hormones on top of the head can be what’s killing your hair. When you replace your hair with healthy hair it can continue to cause hair loss.

At SMP INK we use pigments that we know will stay and won’t need constant upkeep. Have a full head of hair when you leave our office and not have any downtime from work

Quality that goes into scalp micropigmentation cost

SMP INK’s Great Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Contact us today to make an appointment and we’ll answer any additional questions about non-surgical hair replacement. Bald men all over the western United States have used our services to gain back their confidence. Get your hair back today!

What are you waiting for? Schedule your FREE consultation today!

Call us today to make an appointment, and you’ll receive a Free, personalized consultation, and you’ll also get any of your questions about non-surgical hair replacement answered. We’re here to help you get your hairline, your looks, and your confidence back. Stop hiding behind a hat to cover up your hair loss. With the best prices, best service, and the best hair replacement options, you can’t go wrong. Call us NOW and make your appointment TODAY! You’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

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