Foods That Can Contribute to Hair Loss

We know that the foods we put in our bodies can impact our overall health, but did you know it might be affecting our hair growth as well? In fact, some foods might actually contribute to hair loss. Continue reading to find out which foods might be causing or making your hair loss worse.

Fried Foods

Foods that are high in unhealthy fats are typically bad for our overall health. This is especially true for foods that contain hydrogenated oils or are fried. These foods could also be bad for your hair. 

Both saturated and unsaturated fats have been linked to increased levels of testosterone, which can lead to higher levels of DHT in the body. DHT is a by-product that has been proven to cause hair loss.

Hydrogenated oils have a different effect on the hair. They suppress the production of essential fatty acids which are needed to grow healthy hair.

Sugar-Free Foods

According to the FDA, aspartame (an artificial sweetener) has been linked to hair loss, bloating, impotency, and depression. 

Simple Carbohydrates

The benefits of eating brown or whole wheat carbohydrates over white have long been recognized. However, simple carbohydrates such as white carbs can actually be much more harmful than previously thought. 

When we eat refined carbohydrates, the nutrients which have been ingested are required to process the digestion of the ingredients, which are usually also high in sugar. This sugar is one of the most dangerous elements, which can lead directly to hair loss.

Complex carbohydrates, along with food high in fiber, will help ensure the right nutrients reach the body, making digestion much easier and providing a better blood supply to the hair follicles as well.


Additives, even those that are derived from natural ingredients, can directly cause hair loss. 

Carmine dye or cochineal extract is a coloring that is usually found in yogurts, fruit drinks, and other foods. This food coloring is taken from dried-out bugs and is believed to be a direct cause of hair loss.

Caramel color, which is a non-natural additive, is processed using various undesirable components including ammonia, caustic acid, and sulfites. It has also been linked to hair loss.


There are many foods that are bad for our overall health, and a lot of those foods are also linked to hair loss. However, there are plenty of foods that are good for us and our hair health. Try to steer clear of the foods mentioned above and you should be on the right path for your overall health, as well as your hair health. 

However, if you have run into some hair loss issues, you’re not completely out of luck. There are still many ways to combat hair loss. One of the newest hair loss treatments is scalp micropigmentation, or scalp tattooing. At SMP Ink, we provide our clients with natural, undetectable results. Schedule your free consultation today.

Historical Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss has been an issue since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, in ancient times, the modern treatments for hair loss that we have today weren’t as readily available. Continue reading to take a closer look at some of the hair loss treatments utilized throughout history.


The ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, has often been dubbed as the father of medicine. However, even doctors aren’t always right. Hippocrates actually suffered from hair loss himself. In order to cure his hair loss, he concocted a potion consisting of beetroot, horseradish, pigeon droppings, spices, and opium. The potion was a failure.

Hippocrates did have a theory about castration and the effects it had on hair loss. He noticed eunuchs didn’t seem to suffer from hair loss and attributed that to castration. Although he opted out of being castrated himself, researchers in 1995 deemed that Hippocrates’ theory was correct.


Many pictures of Julius Caesar show him wearing a laurel wreath around his head. This wasn’t just a Roman fashion statement. Caesar was plagued with advancing hair loss. Cleopatra supposedly advised him of a possible cure containing bear grease, horse teeth, and ground-up mice. However, this concoction was an epic failure. 

When he could no longer hide his hair loss by sweeping his hair over his scalp and growing it long at the back, the emperor of Rome just threw on a laurel wreath around his head instead.

Great Britain

A British solution to most emotional ailments is a cup of tea. In the 19th century, this logic was also utilized as the cure to baldness. When 19h century folk were plagued with thinning hair, they would rub Indian tea onto their scalps, along with a chunk of lemon. Obviously, this method was unsuccessful and its use quickly faded away.


In ancient Egypt, those who were plagued with hair loss had many choices of treatments, all of which were unpleasant. According to the Ebers Papyrus, an ancient medical Egyptian text dating back to 1550 BC, there were a few accepted cures for hair loss. All cures involved a topical solution of a mixture to the scalp. These cures were porcupine hair boiled in water and left on the scalp for four days, female greyhound leg fried in oil with a donkey hoof, or a mixture of the fats from a hippo, tomcat, snake, ibex, and crocodile. 

While there is no data showing the effectiveness of the treatments, one could assume they were unsuccessful.

Modern Days

Nowadays we’re fortunate enough to have a plethora of options when it comes to hair loss solutions. We can choose from topical solutions such as minoxidil or hair transplant procedures such as FUE or FUT. More recently, there’s an even better hair loss solution that has been gaining traction. This new hair loss solution is known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP), which is a safe, non-surgical, advanced hair restoration technique that’s similar to permanent cosmetic pigmentation. 


At SMP Ink, we use the industry’s most advanced micropigmentation machines to provide our clients with superior and natural results. With over a decade of experience, our technicians will provide you with the healthy full head of hair you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us for a free consultation.

Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is pretty common but definitely unwanted. It’s normal to lose about 50-100 strands of hair in a day, naturally, it regrows itself. However, sometimes hair won’t regrow and you’ll experience permanent hair loss.

Homeopathic solutions prove some of the best remedies to prevent your hair fall and promote hair growth!

Symptoms & Causes of Hair Loss

Symptoms of Hair Loss May Include:


  • Hair thinning
  • Abrupt hair loss
  • Horseshoe-shaped hairline
  • Loss of hair in patches 
  • Alopecia
  • Slow hair thinning
  • Hairline baldness


Hair loss doesn’t just affect the hair on your head. Sometimes, it may affect the rest of your body and it may be heredity, due to hormonal changes or medical conditions. Men are more likely to experience hair loss but women may experience it as well.

Causes of Hair Loss:


  • Dying your hair
  • Stress
  • Bleaching
  • Heavy dryers
  • Straightening
  • Birth control
  • Pregnancy
  • PCOD
  • Psoriasis
  • Thyroid issues
  • Chemotherapy
  • Not consuming enough protein


Hair loss typically occurs when your cycle of hair loss and regrowth is interrupted or your hair follicle is destroyed. This can be heredity or because of medications or supplements, you may be taking. Stress is also a big cause of hair loss.

Ten Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Hair Loss

Homeopathic medicines are a natural way to treat symptoms you are experiencing by taking a natural and holistic approach. Sometimes homeopathic medicines may work better than normal medicine. Here are six remedies to try as a hair loss treatment:


  1. Arsenicum Album: many people suffer from depression and anxiety and these may cause hair loss. Arsenicum album is a useful cure
  2. Silicea: this is one of the most important cures for hair loss problems
  3. Phosphorus: dandruff may also cause hair loss, in this case, use phosphorus
  4. Lycopodium clavatum: this remedy helps with premature graying and premature baldness
  5. Graphites: if you suffer from stomach disorders, graphites may help prevent your hair loss
  6. Kali carbonicum: if your hair is thinning, this is the remedy for you
  7. Fluoricum acidum: this medicine is great for air loss and especially alopecia
  8. Calcarea carbonica: this may be one of the best treatments for hair regrowth. If you have brittle dry hair try calcarea carbonica
  9. Vinca minor:  is proactive when treating premature graying and alopecia
  10. Natrum muriaticum: is perfect for treating hair loss after childbirth and also itchy flaky scalps in women


Homeopathic treatments aim at treating the healing processes in our bodies. This is why there are so many options for homeopathic remedies. If you are able to find out the root of your problem, homeopathic medicine will do the rest!

Remedies like these are used all over the world, but make sure to consult with a doctor before you start using them. Everyone is different and may require different doses. Homeopathic remedies are also not illness-specific – they treat symptoms and underlying causes to hopefully cure the bigger issue. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

If you find out nothing is bringing your hair back, come see our talented scalp micropigmentation artists at SMP Ink! We make hair loss disappear and bring back confidence! Don’t let hair loss take over your life. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and take back your life!


Winter Hair Health Tips

Winter’s here once more, and the change in weather means it’s time to deal with even more bad hair days. It’s easy to keep your hair hidden and tucked away inside a beanie, but some of us want to let our natural beauty shine on! To keep your hair looking it’s absolute best for all your fun wintertime activities, you’re going to have to make some changes to your routine. 

What Can Happen, and How Can I Fix It?

Hat Hair

We’re no stranger to the dreaded hat hair – when your locks stay locked away under that fabric for so long, it always happens. Different types of hair are more susceptible than others – longer hair will get indented much more noticeably. Returning your hair to a more natural look will take a bit of work, but brushing/combing your hair will only make the difference more noticeable. In most cases, keeping that hat on until you can rewash your hair is the best method.


The cold saps the moisture right out of the air and leaves your head (literally) high and dry. Coping with the wind and snow’s toll on your hair with washing, blow-drying, and over-brushing will only add to the problem in a classic catch-22. Almost paradoxically, dry hair becomes a lot less easy to manage and prone to a whole load of new issues. Replenishing your hair’s moisture and keeping it from drying out during the day is an absolute must – a good leave-in conditioner can solve the problem right away!

Split Ends

Dry hair is very brittle hair, not able to bend and flex as much as it needs to withstand damage as well as it usually does. Delicate hair leads to split ends very quickly – a problem that can’t truly be fixed without trimming it all down. On top of protecting your hair from drying out over time, you can also avoid heat treating your hair as much as possible. Curling irons and straighteners ‘bake’ and damage your hair in a very similar way. Time to rock the natural look for the winter!

Dull, Matte Color

Your hair without its natural hydration and essential oils can’t glow as much as it usually does. Normally shiny and bright hair fades into a dull, flat color over time – which doesn’t show up as well in photos. Re-hydrating your hair and applying hair shine sprays can restore that natural glow!

Seasonal Hair Loss

In cases of extreme dryness or long-standing neglect, you can dehydrate your hair to the point of losing it altogether! Losing hair during the cold months happens a lot more frequently than in the warmer months, and women tend to have it worse than men. Worry not, though. Seasonal hair loss won’t mean that you’ll go bald, but in a worst-case scenario, you might notice a lot of shed hair around your home and thin-looking hair.

Stay on Top of Your Look

If all else fails and the holiday season takes a toll on your hair thickness year after year, it should be time to take control! SMP Ink of Las Vegas can help you restore that fullness to your look and make the regular hair loss a worry of the past! We have the best people with the latest tools and techniques to make our Scalp Micropigmentation for women process a showstopper! Ready to schedule your appointment? Contact us today!

Top Foods for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Hair is often one of those things that we end up taking for granted until it’s gone. Nobody gives a lot of passing thought about how they can be maintaining their hair past washing and conditioning. The problem with that kind of thinking is that without the nutrients it needs to build itself, it’s only going to develop being weak and brittle. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot to give your hair what it needs to be happy and healthy – a change in your diet can mean a world of difference!

Breaking Down to the Basics

The foods themselves are a lot less important than the nutrients that they give. Of course, using supplements to get your vitamins isn’t as favorable as eating the right foods. That being said, though, it’s easier if you know what you’re looking for in your diet in the first place!

First up, is the common vitamins we all know and love. Vitamin A, B, C, D3, and E all play a big part in building up your hair’s health, among other things. These are some of the easiest to look out for, cited on every nutrition label out there. Zinc, Iron, and Selenium are right alongside the other vitamins, playing vital roles in both hair growth and strength! The addition of Biotin, Omega-3, Fatty Acids, and Protein in your diet will round it out to give your scalp everything it needs to look and work it’s best!

If you’re also looking for what to avoid to keep your hair healthy, it’s also a simple list. Experts in the field recommend staying away from fish high in mercury, first and foremost. One of the first indicators of too much mercury in your body is weakness in both your hair follicles and nails – neither of those being particularly good things. The other danger to watch out for is too much of a good thing – excessive Vitamin A, Sugar, or Starches in the diet can wreak havoc on both your hair and skin. 

Top Foods for Hair Growth

With the barebones information out of the way, here’s an easy guide on the foods that are good for your hair!


Everyone cites eggs as an ingredient that’s just flat-out good for you for several reasons. There’s an excellent reason – they’re packed with so many nutrients and good fats for your body! For your hair in particular, the protein, zinc, selenium, and fatty acids inside do wonders to keep your hair lustrous and full. Unless you have a problem with cholesterol, eat up those egg whites and the yolks to get the most out of your diet.


As with most shellfish, they’re packed with nutrients while staying lean, low-cal, and (most importantly) delicious. Zinc and selenium levels through the roof, and a substantial amount of iron to keep it robust.

Fatty Fish

Fish – one of the leanest and meanest meats out there. It’s no surprise why it’s such a popular choice for health enthusiasts out there. Chock full of omega-3, selenium, vitamin B, and protein. Chicken is also an excellent choice for keeping up your protein intake with low fat, but it doesn’t offer nearly as much nutrient content.


Spinach or kale should be the staple leafy green in your house, just for how much more wholesome it is for you than lettuce. Dense in Vitamin A, C, and iron with an additional helpful helping of folate – another beneficial nutrient for your blood!

Bell Pepper

To boost the absorption of Vitamin A-heavy foods, turn to something rich in Vitamin C. Per serving, bell peppers are a lot denser in C than citrus fruits like oranges. They’ve also got impressive amounts of vitamin E, folate, and beta carotene (which turns into Vitamin A).

Feeling Good, Looking Good

Even if your hair starts to thin despite eating well, exercising, and keeping it clean, there are options out there. SMP INK can help you restore your hairline and make it look thicker, fuller, and more youthful with our simple Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. Looking your best helps you with your confidence, having that confidence helps you feel good, and feeling good helps you win. Contact us today, and let’s help you look your best.


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