Jennelle Harris

Jenelle Harris SMP Master Artist

My name is Jennelle Harris-Martinez, and I believe when you look your best, you feel your best.  And when you feel your best?  You can be your best.

My Story

Beauty, in my opinion, comes in many forms:  From breathtaking sunsets to the thrill of snowboarding in the mountains of Tahoe, the incredible glory of Mother Nature to the peaceful, quiet moments I spend reflecting along the water – beauty surrounds us and brings comfort and joy everywhere it goes.  Beauty has the power to empower, inspire, and elevate our body, mind, and spirit.

My love for helping people feel their best and most confident through makeup and permanent cosmetic procedures started during my early years as an actress in San Francisco.  While the challenge of acting and modeling was a lot of fun, I found myself drawn to the hair and makeup trailers, assisting my cast mates with their looks and helping them prepare for their scenes.  I loved how the right hair and makeup was able to give them the confidence to go into their work with passion and intention.  

…but it wasn’t until a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer that I discovered the true power of hair and makeup.

Facing the battle of her life, I watched as my friend suffered and struggled with the daily realities of cancer.  As she experienced unimaginable pain and fear, she was also dealing with the emotional blow of knowing she would be losing her hair.  It was in that moment that my search began for solutions that helped my friend regain some of her confidence and power – and my life has never been the same.

My Passion

At my core, I am a believer in the work I do.  I understand the tremendous responsibility and possibility that exists as an SMP artist.  I have seen the incredible transformations and life-affirming restoration that our professional is capable of.  Beyond my deep love for helping those experiencing hair loss to reconnect with their inner and outer beauty, I am incredibly passionate and committed to training the next generation of SMP technicians.  

The SMP-Ink Academy is my second business and is the heart of my work.  As an educator and advocate, I help other dedicated future artists unlock their true potential to not only build a solid, strong career, but to help others throughout the world with premium SMP services.  I believe that by educating and leading the next generation of SMP artists, I am able to help change the lives of countless people and build a more confident, resilient, and beautiful world for my students and their future clients.

My Experience

For over a decade, I have been blessed to build an impressive portfolio of clients served, lives changed, and students taught.  After graduating from beauty school with my diploma in cosmetology, I found a renewed sense of purpose and passion.  Committed to helping my clients beyond basic makeup application and haircare, I continued my education at the Cinta Avede Institute in San Francisco, the number one beauty college on the West Coast.  My passion for advancing skincare procedures and products, cutting-edge technology and ingredients, and serving others has allowed me to grow as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician, and I have been proudly helping clients look, feel, and be there best for over fourteen beautiful years.  

Along with my two partners, I launched SMP-Ink Academy to help educate, prepare, and train the next generation of SMP artists.  Unified by our core belief and driven by their mission to serve others, SMP-Ink Institute was established to provide future medical tattoo artists with the tips, tricks, skills, and knowledge they need to help transform lives, spark hope, and make others feel beautiful from the inside, out.

From permanent makeup application to bridal makeup, to skincare support, and beyond, I have been blessed with a natural eye for aesthetic beauty and a heart that helps me unlock the beauty within.  My work as an SMP technician has helped hundreds of clients regain the pep in their step, rediscover their inner strength, and reignite their confidence – and to me, that is the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

My name is Jennelle Harris-Martinez, and I believe in beauty.  Let me make you a believer, too.

You can find Jennelle at the following location: Walnut Creek


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