Dianna Davila

Dianna is a Microblading Master at SMP Ink. From a young age, she was fascinated with make-up and cosmetology. Now, Dianna has years of experience working in the industry and has brought her talents to SMP Ink.

Meet Dianna, Master Microblade Artist

Born in Los Angeles, Dianna grew up in Las Vegas. About twenty years ago, way before microblading became the hot topic it is today, she found herself extremely amazed with make-up. At a young age, Dianna started working for make-up companies in the malls in Las Vegas. She learned a lot from the make-up artists working at these companies. She found that make-up artistry is not that easy. There’s color matching, symmetry, and so much more.

With a background in make-up, she wanted to do more with her talent. Finally, about five years ago, microblading started to become very popular. She was starving for information on Permanent Makeup (PMU) artistry. She was determined to learn the techniques and all that this profession entails. Back then, it was still in its infancy, and social media wasn’t quite where it is now. There weren’t any artists who were willing to share tips and tricks with others.

Dianna’s experience with Microblading

Through some hustle and a lot of work, she finally found someone that took their time to train her and give all the tips, tricks, and information that she was trying to master. She completely fell in love with PMU.
Now a few years later, she’s still in love with her profession and takes pride in all her work. She’s helped both men and women with their confidence. Her office often sees sad faces coming in but happy and beautiful faces walking out. That’s what she does and what she loves. Dianna is proud of her journey and excited to continue to help others.

You can find Dianna at the following location: Las Vegas

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