A Career in Permanent Makeup: Becoming a Microblading Technician

Woman who got microblading done to her eyebrows

If you have heard of eyebrow microblading and are looking for a new course to add to your cosmetology bag of skills, maybe microblading is something you want to explore? Or do you want to begin cosmetology courses but don’t know where to start? Or maybe, you just have a deep interest in helping people regain their eyebrows? Whatever it is, you can get your training for microblading and come work at SMP Ink.

What is Microblading?

It’s the latest beauty trend in eyebrows and it’s taking the world by storm. Microblading is a permanent solution so you can just wake up with eyebrows. No need to draw them in or worry about them looking perfect or fading away during the day. They are there and they look perfect! You can even shower and swim with them and you will still look fabulous.

Who is a Good Candidate for Microblading?

Microblading is wildly popular in the beauty industry. There are many reasons people get it done. Some may have lost their eyebrows as a side effect to a medicine. Some people’s eyebrows may have thinned out as a result of getting older. Thin eyebrows can also be stress-related or maybe their eyebrows have just always been sparse. No matter the reason, the good news is that Microblading is here to stay and it can give most anyone the perfect eyebrows they have been dreaming about. 

Get Trained in Microblading

Microblading training is offered in most large cities and even online! Most full training programs cost between $4000 – $5000 and are about a week long. Programs usually include:

  • 3-5 days of in-class training
  • Training manual
  • Marketing materials
  • Practice on live models
  • Temporary tattoo license 
  • Microblading full-service kit
  • Certification

During the programs, you will learn: 

  • Microblading techniques
  • Color theory
  • Proper use of tools
  • Workstation preparation
  • Various brow designs
  • Rules of safety and sterilization
  • Shading

How much can I make?

Microblading technicians are the highest paid technicians in the permanent makeup industry. The average microblading procedure costs between $450 to $800 and lasts about 2 hours, so, accounting for the cost of tools and overhead, if you work about 6 hours per week, you can make around $60,000/year. Not a bad gig.

Before choosing a school

All microblading programs are not created equal. Make sure the training program is established and has a good reputation. Google the company and check ratings and reviews. Check their testimonials and see how long they have been in business. Ask what is included in the training and make sure there is a certification included and post-graduation support. Don’t forget you must get licensed by your state as well, it gives you and your client peace of mind. 

Where Can I Work as a Microblading Artist?

If you are in the Las Vegas area, head over to SMP Ink, we offer Microblading and we will keep you busy. In addition to microblading, we offer plasma fibroblast and scalp micropigmentation as well, so there is room for expansion. We also offer training programs for scalp micropigmentation so you can expand your skills and keep busy. Come see us today!   



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