Tips to Help with Hair Loss Due to Cancer Treatments

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Our hair says so much about us. It can be short and sassy, long and curly, thick and wavy or thin and wispy, but the way we wear it tells people about who we are. It is a big part of how we express ourselves. If we lose our hair does it change who we are? No, but  we don’t really feel like ourselves. It’s hard looking in the mirror and seeing a completely different person 

Are you facing hair loss due to cancer treatment?  It’s not an easy thing to go through. Our hair is a huge part of our looks and our style and losing it can crush our self-confidence. People may say to you “It’s just hair, it will grow back!” Although this is true, to a point, it still hurts. Please do not say this to someone who is facing losing their hair. So what do you do if you are facing losing all of your hair? 

What to do if You Face Losing Your Hair

So, you got that call that everyone dreads, “You have cancer”. That has now sunk in and become a part of you. Now, they hit you with the next dreaded sentence “You’re going to lose all of your hair.” So, what can you do if you don’t want to be bald for a year until your hair grows back?

Cancer is already a crushing blow to your physical and mental health, but to lose your hair on top of it is beyond overwhelming. There are ways to get through it and even have some fun along the way. Yes, we said fun. The best way to get through this time in your life is to have a positive attitude and try to have fun. The next best thing is to get a wig or two, or three. 

Tricks to cover your head when you’ve lost your hair

If you have the confidence to go in public with no hair, we commend you. Many don’t have the confidence to do it, but we have the utmost respect for you. Some people look fantastic bald, male or female. If you’ve got the look, then more power to you. If you envision your look with a little (or a lot) more hair, then here are a few ways to cover your head and keep your self-esteem. 

Ways to cover your head when you go out  

No need to worry, there are many ways to look and feel great when you have no hair, but if you, for whatever reason, do not feel that bald is a look you can carry off, there are many ways to cover your head. Scarfs, wigs, and hats are all available in a wide array of styles, colors and price ranges. There is something for everyone! 


Sometimes your insurance will cover part or all of the expense for a wig due to chemotherapy treatments. Ask them if they will cover the cost. If not,  American Cancer Society can provide cancer patients with wigs for free. Whether you will be getting a free wig or purchasing one outright, take a good friend and go try on wigs! It will cheer you up and make you laugh and maybe even find a hairstyle or color that looks good that you never thought about before! 


Hats are a great cover up, especially if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to brush out your wig and put it on or you are just running a quick errand. Baseball caps are a quick cure, but  military corps hats can look great too. Also available are different kinds of hats with a bit of hair attached around the bottom. Here are some available on Amazon. These are nice options as well.


Scarfs, turbans and bandannas can help in a pinch as well, plus they are not only comfortable, but are cooler than wigs. Beanie hats work as well and can be used as sleeping caps. Your head will get cold at bedtime.


Using makeup and dressing up everyday will increase self-confidence as well. There are Look Good Feel Better programs around that hold group workshops on how to apply makeup and then give you the makeup to keep so you can use it on your own. They even give you an eyebrow pencil which you will need for your disappearing/non-existent eyebrows. Wearing makeup definitely lifts your mood, especially when your hair is dwindling or gone. You can also consider microblading at SMP Ink to give you back your eyebrows so you can wake up with eyebrows instead of having to draw them on everyday.

Scalp Micropigmentation

If you don’t feel that any of these options are the right choice for you, but you feel the completely bald look is not for you, there is another way. Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent way to give you hair that you don’t have to worry about. You can swim with it, shower with it, and the wind can’t blow it off your head. Call the professionals at SMP Ink today and let us show you how we can cover bald spots, make your hair appear thicker or recreate a healthy head of hair!  



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