Winter Hair Health Tips

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Winter’s here once more, and the change in weather means it’s time to deal with even more bad hair days. It’s easy to keep your hair hidden and tucked away inside a beanie, but some of us want to let our natural beauty shine on! To keep your hair looking it’s absolute best for all your fun wintertime activities, you’re going to have to make some changes to your routine. 

What Can Happen, and How Can I Fix It?

Hat Hair

We’re no stranger to the dreaded hat hair – when your locks stay locked away under that fabric for so long, it always happens. Different types of hair are more susceptible than others – longer hair will get indented much more noticeably. Returning your hair to a more natural look will take a bit of work, but brushing/combing your hair will only make the difference more noticeable. In most cases, keeping that hat on until you can rewash your hair is the best method.


The cold saps the moisture right out of the air and leaves your head (literally) high and dry. Coping with the wind and snow’s toll on your hair with washing, blow-drying, and over-brushing will only add to the problem in a classic catch-22. Almost paradoxically, dry hair becomes a lot less easy to manage and prone to a whole load of new issues. Replenishing your hair’s moisture and keeping it from drying out during the day is an absolute must – a good leave-in conditioner can solve the problem right away!

Split Ends

Dry hair is very brittle hair, not able to bend and flex as much as it needs to withstand damage as well as it usually does. Delicate hair leads to split ends very quickly – a problem that can’t truly be fixed without trimming it all down. On top of protecting your hair from drying out over time, you can also avoid heat treating your hair as much as possible. Curling irons and straighteners ‘bake’ and damage your hair in a very similar way. Time to rock the natural look for the winter!

Dull, Matte Color

Your hair without its natural hydration and essential oils can’t glow as much as it usually does. Normally shiny and bright hair fades into a dull, flat color over time – which doesn’t show up as well in photos. Re-hydrating your hair and applying hair shine sprays can restore that natural glow!

Seasonal Hair Loss

In cases of extreme dryness or long-standing neglect, you can dehydrate your hair to the point of losing it altogether! Losing hair during the cold months happens a lot more frequently than in the warmer months, and women tend to have it worse than men. Worry not, though. Seasonal hair loss won’t mean that you’ll go bald, but in a worst-case scenario, you might notice a lot of shed hair around your home and thin-looking hair.

Stay on Top of Your Look

If all else fails and the holiday season takes a toll on your hair thickness year after year, it should be time to take control! SMP Ink of Las Vegas can help you restore that fullness to your look and make the regular hair loss a worry of the past! We have the best people with the latest tools and techniques to make our Scalp Micropigmentation for women process a showstopper! Ready to schedule your appointment? Contact us today!


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