Tips to Help with Hair Loss Due to Cancer Treatments

Our hair says so much about us. It can be short and sassy, long and curly, thick and wavy or thin and wispy, but the way we wear it tells people about who we are. It is a big part of how we express ourselves. If we lose our hair does it change who we are? No, but  we don’t really feel like ourselves. It’s hard looking in the mirror and seeing a completely different person 

Are you facing hair loss due to cancer treatment?  It’s not an easy thing to go through. Our hair is a huge part of our looks and our style and losing it can crush our self-confidence. People may say to you “It’s just hair, it will grow back!” Although this is true, to a point, it still hurts. Please do not say this to someone who is facing losing their hair. So what do you do if you are facing losing all of your hair? 

What to do if You Face Losing Your Hair

So, you got that call that everyone dreads, “You have cancer”. That has now sunk in and become a part of you. Now, they hit you with the next dreaded sentence “You’re going to lose all of your hair.” So, what can you do if you don’t want to be bald for a year until your hair grows back?

Cancer is already a crushing blow to your physical and mental health, but to lose your hair on top of it is beyond overwhelming. There are ways to get through it and even have some fun along the way. Yes, we said fun. The best way to get through this time in your life is to have a positive attitude and try to have fun. The next best thing is to get a wig or two, or three. 

Tricks to cover your head when you’ve lost your hair

If you have the confidence to go in public with no hair, we commend you. Many don’t have the confidence to do it, but we have the utmost respect for you. Some people look fantastic bald, male or female. If you’ve got the look, then more power to you. If you envision your look with a little (or a lot) more hair, then here are a few ways to cover your head and keep your self-esteem. 

Ways to cover your head when you go out  

No need to worry, there are many ways to look and feel great when you have no hair, but if you, for whatever reason, do not feel that bald is a look you can carry off, there are many ways to cover your head. Scarfs, wigs, and hats are all available in a wide array of styles, colors and price ranges. There is something for everyone! 


Sometimes your insurance will cover part or all of the expense for a wig due to chemotherapy treatments. Ask them if they will cover the cost. If not,  American Cancer Society can provide cancer patients with wigs for free. Whether you will be getting a free wig or purchasing one outright, take a good friend and go try on wigs! It will cheer you up and make you laugh and maybe even find a hairstyle or color that looks good that you never thought about before! 


Hats are a great cover up, especially if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to brush out your wig and put it on or you are just running a quick errand. Baseball caps are a quick cure, but  military corps hats can look great too. Also available are different kinds of hats with a bit of hair attached around the bottom. Here are some available on Amazon. These are nice options as well.


Scarfs, turbans and bandannas can help in a pinch as well, plus they are not only comfortable, but are cooler than wigs. Beanie hats work as well and can be used as sleeping caps. Your head will get cold at bedtime.


Using makeup and dressing up everyday will increase self-confidence as well. There are Look Good Feel Better programs around that hold group workshops on how to apply makeup and then give you the makeup to keep so you can use it on your own. They even give you an eyebrow pencil which you will need for your disappearing/non-existent eyebrows. Wearing makeup definitely lifts your mood, especially when your hair is dwindling or gone. You can also consider microblading at SMP Ink to give you back your eyebrows so you can wake up with eyebrows instead of having to draw them on everyday.

Scalp Micropigmentation

If you don’t feel that any of these options are the right choice for you, but you feel the completely bald look is not for you, there is another way. Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent way to give you hair that you don’t have to worry about. You can swim with it, shower with it, and the wind can’t blow it off your head. Call the professionals at SMP Ink today and let us show you how we can cover bald spots, make your hair appear thicker or recreate a healthy head of hair!  


How to Become a Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

Though dealing with stress or trauma may cause temporary hair loss, the majority of men and almost half of women will experience some type of significant, permanent hair loss in their lifetime. These are sad statistics because hair loss can cause low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues. 

What Causes Baldness?

Causes of baldness vary widely from genetics to medications for cancer treatment to an underactive thyroid, but, unless one can rock the bald-is-sexy look, they are probably self-conscious about their looks and want to find a solution that works for their lifestyle. This could include medications, hair implants, extensions and wigs, even spray-on hair. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

But what if none of those work for your lifestyle, and you don’t want to use spray-on hair? What solution will let you go natural, but not look and feel bald? Do you want to still be able to swim and shower and not have to worry about fixing your hair or attaching a wig? Scalp Micropigmentation may be the solution. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure for advanced hair restoration. Tiny, micro-sized needles are used to insert permanent, organic pigments into the scalp to replicate your own hair follicles. The color pigments are carefully chosen and will never fade to a blue or green color.

Where Can I Learn the Technique and Get Certified?

Think it may be a procedure you’d like to try? Or maybe you would like to learn the technique and help other people regain their confidence and their smile? If so, our staff at SMP Ink would like to train you in Scalp Micropigmentation. We offer a quick two-day course or a four-day course that is more in-depth that could be done while visiting Las Vegas. If you are a Las Vegas local, you also have the choice of a 6-month apprenticeship course to become a certified SMP specialist.  

What Can I Expect?

In our hands-on training, our instructors will be with you every step of the way. Our unique, one-on-one training sessions are the best way to learn this challenging skill. It begins with the basics of industry theory, then we’ll move on to workshops and observations and finally to hands-on training with real clients! Of course, we also provide tips on the best ways to market your own SMP business.

Whether you want to help people feel better about themselves or you would like to get the procedure done because you would like to improve your own looks, or both, contact SMP Ink today! 


Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is pretty common but definitely unwanted. It’s normal to lose about 50-100 strands of hair in a day, naturally, it regrows itself. However, sometimes hair won’t regrow and you’ll experience permanent hair loss.

Homeopathic solutions prove some of the best remedies to prevent your hair fall and promote hair growth!

Symptoms & Causes of Hair Loss

Symptoms of Hair Loss May Include:


  • Hair thinning
  • Abrupt hair loss
  • Horseshoe-shaped hairline
  • Loss of hair in patches 
  • Alopecia
  • Slow hair thinning
  • Hairline baldness


Hair loss doesn’t just affect the hair on your head. Sometimes, it may affect the rest of your body and it may be heredity, due to hormonal changes or medical conditions. Men are more likely to experience hair loss but women may experience it as well.

Causes of Hair Loss:


  • Dying your hair
  • Stress
  • Bleaching
  • Heavy dryers
  • Straightening
  • Birth control
  • Pregnancy
  • PCOD
  • Psoriasis
  • Thyroid issues
  • Chemotherapy
  • Not consuming enough protein


Hair loss typically occurs when your cycle of hair loss and regrowth is interrupted or your hair follicle is destroyed. This can be heredity or because of medications or supplements, you may be taking. Stress is also a big cause of hair loss.

Ten Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Hair Loss

Homeopathic medicines are a natural way to treat symptoms you are experiencing by taking a natural and holistic approach. Sometimes homeopathic medicines may work better than normal medicine. Here are six remedies to try as a hair loss treatment:


  1. Arsenicum Album: many people suffer from depression and anxiety and these may cause hair loss. Arsenicum album is a useful cure
  2. Silicea: this is one of the most important cures for hair loss problems
  3. Phosphorus: dandruff may also cause hair loss, in this case, use phosphorus
  4. Lycopodium clavatum: this remedy helps with premature graying and premature baldness
  5. Graphites: if you suffer from stomach disorders, graphites may help prevent your hair loss
  6. Kali carbonicum: if your hair is thinning, this is the remedy for you
  7. Fluoricum acidum: this medicine is great for air loss and especially alopecia
  8. Calcarea carbonica: this may be one of the best treatments for hair regrowth. If you have brittle dry hair try calcarea carbonica
  9. Vinca minor:  is proactive when treating premature graying and alopecia
  10. Natrum muriaticum: is perfect for treating hair loss after childbirth and also itchy flaky scalps in women


Homeopathic treatments aim at treating the healing processes in our bodies. This is why there are so many options for homeopathic remedies. If you are able to find out the root of your problem, homeopathic medicine will do the rest!

Remedies like these are used all over the world, but make sure to consult with a doctor before you start using them. Everyone is different and may require different doses. Homeopathic remedies are also not illness-specific – they treat symptoms and underlying causes to hopefully cure the bigger issue. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

If you find out nothing is bringing your hair back, come see our talented scalp micropigmentation artists at SMP Ink! We make hair loss disappear and bring back confidence! Don’t let hair loss take over your life. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and take back your life!


Winter Hair Health Tips

Winter’s here once more, and the change in weather means it’s time to deal with even more bad hair days. It’s easy to keep your hair hidden and tucked away inside a beanie, but some of us want to let our natural beauty shine on! To keep your hair looking it’s absolute best for all your fun wintertime activities, you’re going to have to make some changes to your routine. 

What Can Happen, and How Can I Fix It?

Hat Hair

We’re no stranger to the dreaded hat hair – when your locks stay locked away under that fabric for so long, it always happens. Different types of hair are more susceptible than others – longer hair will get indented much more noticeably. Returning your hair to a more natural look will take a bit of work, but brushing/combing your hair will only make the difference more noticeable. In most cases, keeping that hat on until you can rewash your hair is the best method.


The cold saps the moisture right out of the air and leaves your head (literally) high and dry. Coping with the wind and snow’s toll on your hair with washing, blow-drying, and over-brushing will only add to the problem in a classic catch-22. Almost paradoxically, dry hair becomes a lot less easy to manage and prone to a whole load of new issues. Replenishing your hair’s moisture and keeping it from drying out during the day is an absolute must – a good leave-in conditioner can solve the problem right away!

Split Ends

Dry hair is very brittle hair, not able to bend and flex as much as it needs to withstand damage as well as it usually does. Delicate hair leads to split ends very quickly – a problem that can’t truly be fixed without trimming it all down. On top of protecting your hair from drying out over time, you can also avoid heat treating your hair as much as possible. Curling irons and straighteners ‘bake’ and damage your hair in a very similar way. Time to rock the natural look for the winter!

Dull, Matte Color

Your hair without its natural hydration and essential oils can’t glow as much as it usually does. Normally shiny and bright hair fades into a dull, flat color over time – which doesn’t show up as well in photos. Re-hydrating your hair and applying hair shine sprays can restore that natural glow!

Seasonal Hair Loss

In cases of extreme dryness or long-standing neglect, you can dehydrate your hair to the point of losing it altogether! Losing hair during the cold months happens a lot more frequently than in the warmer months, and women tend to have it worse than men. Worry not, though. Seasonal hair loss won’t mean that you’ll go bald, but in a worst-case scenario, you might notice a lot of shed hair around your home and thin-looking hair.

Stay on Top of Your Look

If all else fails and the holiday season takes a toll on your hair thickness year after year, it should be time to take control! SMP Ink of Las Vegas can help you restore that fullness to your look and make the regular hair loss a worry of the past! We have the best people with the latest tools and techniques to make our Scalp Micropigmentation for women process a showstopper! Ready to schedule your appointment? Contact us today!

Plasma Fibroblast Beauty Treatment

Are you feeling a bit wrinkly? Is your skin looking a bit down? When you catch yourself in the mirror, do you see lines that you wish you could make go away? Well, maybe you can! Have you ever thought about getting a facelift, but can’t afford the price or taking a month off work? Afraid of going under the knife? Well, now you don’t have to! You can get similar results with plasma fibroblast but at a fraction of the cost and very little downtime!

What is Plasma Fibroblast? 

Plasma fibroblast is a non-surgical, skin-tightening procedure that rejuvenates the skin and has very little side effects or downtime. A plasma pen is a small, electronic hand-held device with a metal probe tip. This device transfers energy when it nears the skin, by using the electricity in the air between the pen and the skin generating a plasma charge. 

The tip never comes into contact with the skin, but the dot made with the plasma charge instantly removes excess skin and tightens the area. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. They apply a numbing cream 30 minutes before the procedure, and you may feel a warm sensation.  

When will I see the results and how long will they last?

The results are noticeable right away. The dots made with the plasma pen are done in grid fashion and disappear in five to seven days, leaving no scars, just firm beautiful skin! The effects are noticed immediately but will be more noticeable after a month and continuing improvement up to three months later. The results should last two to more than five years.

Which areas can be treated? 

Plasma Fibroblast can give an entire facelift or can be used on specific parts such as on the eyelids, crows feet, lines around the mouth (Laugh lines or the vertical “smoker’s lines”). Moles, freckles, age spots, and skin tags can be removed. Plasma fibroblast can also treat wrinkles on the face or neck, improve the appearance of scarring- including stretch marks, acne, and surgical scars. They can even take care of loose skin from pregnancy. 

How long does it take to heal? 

After the procedure, the little red dots will take about 5-7 days to heal and fall off. If you don’t mind the dots, you can go back to work right away. If you have an important meeting or event, however, or are in a public-facing job, you may want to schedule it for a time when you will be home. Aftercare is simple but very important, just use the cream they give you to help with the healing process. 

Are there any side effects?

There will be little red dots on the treated area. Let the dots fall off on their own! Follow aftercare instructions carefully or hyperpigmentation could occur. There may be swelling in sensitive areas such as on the eyelid. Make sure you go to a professionally trained esthetician to avoid any negative side effects.

Where Can I Get Plasma Fibroblast? 

Let the professionals at SMP Ink give you a free Plasma Fibroblast consultation and answer any questions you may have. Come in and see what treatment could do for you!



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