Thinning Eyebrows? Microblading by SMP Ink Can Save the Day!

A woman with great eyebrows

How are your eyebrows? Too thick? Too thin? Just right? Although eyebrows come in many different shapes and sizes, many people like to fill them in to get the look they want. Although you may not want the full-on Brooke Shields bushy brows, or the almost pencil-thin look of Marlene Dietrich or Drew Barrymore, perhaps something in between like Angelina Jolie or the iconic Marilyn Monroe? 

Eyebrows change as you get older. Women’s eyebrows seem to thin out and men’s just get thicker and thicker! Throughout the years eyebrow trends change too. In the early 1900s, eyebrows were thin and curved down on the ends. Into the 40’s they started to curve upwards on the ends. By the ’50s, the trend leaned more toward thicker eyebrows that lasted throughout the ’80s. Into the 1990s, however, eyebrows started to thin out again. Right now the coolest brow is more of a natural, happy, arched medium. 

What is the Big Deal About Eyebrows, Anyway?

Eyebrows seem like a small, almost insignificant feature until you don’t have any. Then, you start from scratch and check out all kinds of eyebrows to see which ones fit your face and style. Some are nearly invisible, some drawn on, some look like fuzzy little caterpillars and some even look like they are going to take flight! Which to choose? Luckily there are websites to check out what you would look like with different brow sizes and shapes. 

But, what if your eyebrows are sparse or non-existent as a side effect of a medicine, medical condition or unfortunate shaving accident? Or maybe you just were born with thin hair and your eyebrows are nothing to write home about? What are your choices? Well, you draw them on, fill them in, and go. 

Do you Wish you had a Makeup Artist just for your Eyebrows?

It’s quick and easy, right? Outlining and filling in your eyebrows? Oh, it’s not easy? It takes a long time and even then you can’t get them just right? On some days you can’t even get them to match: one goes straight the other one is perfectly arched? One is thick and one is thin? Well, just remember, they are sisters, not twins! 

Don’t you just wish that friend, the one with the perfectly arched, perfectly matching, perfectly perfect eyebrows could come over and add makeup to your eyebrows every morning? Me too. I don’t know about you, but my friend with the perfect brows lives in another state, so that’s out. What else is there? It drives me crazy when I forget or don’t have enough time to “put on my eyebrows.” I worry I may sweat them off in the summer or rub them off in allergy season. Oh, and to get a color that matches my hair? Forget it! Plus, trying to make them look like natural hair rather than look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie? No way! Do I have any other choice? 

What is Microblading?

What else is there? Apart from eyebrow stencils or your own personal makeup artist, there is one thing you can do. It’s called microblading. It’s easy, and it’s semi-permanent, so you can just wake up every morning with perfectly perfect eyebrows! They match the ink to your hair color and use a special blade to make tiny lines that resemble the hair in your brows. Does it hurt? They numb the skin, then afterward, it feels like you just had your eyebrows waxed or plucked. Hmmm… to be the girl with the perfectly perfect eyebrows and not have to worry about them washing off after a swim? Where do I sign up? Go to SMP Ink in Las Vegas, you will come out feeling like a million dollars! 

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