Fact or Fiction: Do Hats Cause Baldness?

Do hats cause baldness? Do styling products thin hair? If my father is bald, will I be bald too? Does stress cause hair to fall out? Do bald men have more testosterone? These are serious questions that concern people experiencing hair loss. Although hair loss and baldness can look fantastic on some people (think: The Rock) others may not be so lucky, or so confident. Most people fight to hang on to their locks as long as possible and if they start losing the battle, they turn to medications, wigs and even ink.

The funny thing about hats is that they are often used to cover thinning hair or baldness. Hats are a quick, convenient fix for people who may not feel confident about their hair or lack thereof. Though this is a common practice, does it mean hats cause baldness? 

Do Hats Cause Baldness?

Actually, no, hats do not cause baldness This is a myth that probably stems from hat head, where hair appears to be thinner when a hat is removed, or maybe from finding stray hairs in a hat that has been recently worn. Hat head is cured by shampoo and a shower and it is normal to lose about 100 hairs daily. Although someone may wear a hat every day, it is most likely just a coincidence and their hair was predestined to fall out anyway. Wherever it originated from, the myth is just that, a myth. There is no truth to it unless the hat being worn was extremely tight and worn for days, weeks, months on end. In that case, hopefully, they would just upgrade to a bigger hat!  

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is caused by several different factors: age, genetics, stress, hormones, medications and medical conditions and can be temporary or permanent. Genetic factors cause male pattern baldness which slowly creeps in as one ages. This may begin in the teen years, twenties, thirties, forties or it may never happen, it depends on the genetic mixture from both parents. This hair loss is permanent. Temporary hair loss can be caused by stress, medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus and thyroid abnormalities, and certain drugs, like those used for the treatment of cancer. Hair usually grows back after the stress is gone and treatment is complete. 

What can you do about it?

How do I keep my hair on my head? There are a few things that can be done to slow the process of hair loss, but there is no way to completely stop it. Medications such as Rogaine and Propecia have been proven to regrow some hair, but are mainly used to keep the hair that is already there. 

Other ways to keep a healthy head of hair? Eating healthy foods and enough exercise could also push the hair loss time clock back a few years. According to Men’s Journal, to keep a healthy head of hair, one needs a daily intake of Vitamin A (eat your green, leafy vegetables and orange fruits), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, (meat and eggs), Vitamin C (citrus fruits, berries and melons), zinc (seafood), Protein (beans and cheese or yoghurt), and of course, water, keep hydrated to stay healthy. Exercise increases blood circulation to keep all body systems operating at their optimum level.

And if that doesn’t work?

As stated above, some people turn to wearing hats to cover thinning or nonexistent hair. Others invest in hairpieces, extensions or full wigs. Some get a creative haircut or do a comb-over. And some even spray paint their heads. What if you don’t look good in hats? What if a wig isn’t your thing? What if a comb-over is not your style? What if spray paint just doesn’t work for you?  What else is left? Who do you turn to?

Why not get a tattoo? How, you ask, will getting a tattoo help with my hair loss?


Yes, ink. Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is a way to recreate the look of hair with tattoos. Each hair follicle is recreated as a tattoo to make it appear as though one has a full head of hair. They can bring back receding hairlines, fill in bald spots and recreate a whole head of hair for men and women. 

Where Do I Sign Up?

SMP Ink in Las Vegas Nevada has you covered with 10 years experience of making hundreds of people happy and confident. If you have thinning hair, a receding hairline, a bald spot, or no hair at all, contact us today and see what we can do for you! 

Crazy Hair Loss Myths People Actually Believe

We’ve all heard tons of advice from when we were young about keeping your hair intact as you get older. Advice, remedies, and everything in between is offered up like a breadcrumb trail leading to some promised land of a full head of hair for life. With everyone pointing the blame in every which direction, though, it’s plain to see how so many people end up getting it wrong. Let’s walk through some misconceptions that need to be shut down ASAP.

Myth – High Testosterone Causes Hair Loss

This one’s a classic – based on the inner workings of the hormones in our body; many say that elevated testosterone in your body causes your hair to fall out. Fear not, manly men of the world – it’s a lot more complicated than that. Testosterone (the hormones responsible for humans having male sex characteristics) exists in many different forms. Testosterone as we usually know it is either unpaired (free) or paired with protein molecules in the body. Our bodies make these type naturally, and they are part of natural healthy bodies. DHT, on the other hand, is the result of testosterone being converted into a more powerful type. This is what’s responsible for hair loss in your 50’s as male pattern baldness, so sleep well knowing it takes a long time to kick in.

Myth – Hair Loss Is Inherited From Your Mother

This one absolutely isn’t true. While most all forms of hair loss are controlled genetically, it’s harder than blaming one side or the other for the follicle folly. The factors responsible are independent of sex characteristics, and therefore can be inherited from either side of the family. This bodes either very well or very poorly depending on how lucky you are with the genetic lottery, but it’s good to at least share the blame.

Myth – Too Much Product Will Make You Go Bald

Hair gel, leave-in conditioner, mousse – whatever your choice in hair care may be – will not cause you to go bald! The majority of these products affect the hair already on the head, far and away from the follicles where the hair grows. Unless you affect the scalp directly, like with medications or subcutaneous injections, your follicles will continue regardless. However, that’s not to say it’s entirely safe for your hair, though. While it won’t cause hair to stop growing, you can damage your hair and have it become brittle and frail regardless. Everything in moderation, as always.

Legend Lies, the Truth Prevails!

Myths aside, if your hair isn’t as thick or lustrous as you want, there are still options out there to keep you looking your absolute finest! Scalp Micropigmentation can restore your hairline quickly and easily, all while keeping the remaining hair happy and healthy. We offer a range of scalp micropigmentation services to help keep that youthful glow about you, as well.



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